Whether you're on vacation or in the middle of your commute, visibility is crucial for safe driving. This is particularly true during inclement weather. The following is the same advice our Hyundai Of Cottonwood service team would give our families.

Windshield wiper blades that are frayed, worn, or loosely attached can't correctly clear your windshield. When wiper blades develop problems, they don't efficiently wipe. Sometimes, they make a squeaking noise across your windshield. No matter what symptoms they display, such blades need replacing.

While you could purchase replacement blades and change them yourself, please keep in mind that improperly installed blades can cause windshield issues. Incorrectly installed blades won't effectively clear your windshield and might fly off the metal arm, causing scratches or a break in your windshield. When you rely on our Cottonwood service team, your windshields will perform to your expectations.


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