Signs That Your Ignition Needs Service

We often don’t know that our vehicle’s ignition has gone out until the vehicle fails to start. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get some sort of warning that it might need servicing? The great news is that there are some signs that could indicate your ignition needs work. Come to Hyundai Of Cottonwood to get valuable information on ignition maintenance and signs that may indicate a problem.
• The starter makes a whining sound when you’re cranking the engine.
• The vehicle smokes and/or give off an odor of something burning.
• The starter makes a grinding sound each time you try to engage the starter gear.
• The solenoid, which sends power from the battery to the starter, fails to work.
• Your starter is soaked with oil.

If your vehicle has been exhibiting any of these signs, consider bringing it into our shop in Cottonwood. We can inspect your ignition and offers various other automotive services.


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