The small stature of the Hyundai Kona supports the exciting performance of a popular SUV. Hyundai long ago built a name and reputation for producing sedans and compact cars. The brand's reputation now extends to SUV models, and this one features some appealing design work. The LED lighting signature design, in particular, stands out.

The LED lighting adds to the look of the body's contour. The lights do contribute a "high tech look" on the sporty design. Not all SUVs feature a sporty look, but the Hyundai Kona does. If you want flashy aesthetics to go with a spacious interior, the Kona might be your model of choice.

Both LED headlights and LED Daytime Running Lights adorn the front of the SUV. They blend well with the grille and fenders and don't appear merely functional. They add to the look.

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