Compact cars do maintain steady sales in the automobile industry since not everyone wants a big SUV or oversized sedan. The Hyundai Accent delivers on their wants and needs. The size alone doesn't drive interest. The Hyundai name long established a reputation for quality. Many years of reliable Accents hitting the road proved the reputation wasn't a myth.

The Accent now comes with a wide array of LED lights. Daytime running lights help illuminate the car during sunlight hours. The vehicle becomes more noticeable this way, which could cut down on collisions. LED headlights come into play at night and illuminate the road brightly.

Little things also contribute to the joy of owning an Accent. Hands-free automatic trunk opening, for example, makes storing and removing your belongings less of a hassle.

Our team at Hyundai Of Cottonwood doesn't want you to feel shopping for a Hyundai Accent is a hassle. Visit our showroom in Cottonwood to inquire about a test drive.



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